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At P.E.T Safety Decking Ltd, safety comes first in construction work. This means eliminating the risk of fall in the first place, which is why we believe our high-quality safety decking is the safest solution in the construction industry.

P.E.T Safety Decking is fall prevention at its best. Safer and more effective than traditional products that protect a person who’s already falling, this system is made from reinforced plastic to create a solid working platform with a non-slip surface. Quicker (and easier) to put up and take down than, for example, bird cage scaffold, the platform can be installed by 1 person who can cover 60m2 in about an hour. Made out of just three component parts, our fully compliant safety decking is versatile and can be adapted to suit individual projects.

P.E.T. Safety Decking

SAFETY Decking specifications

  • High Quality Fall Prevention Working Platform
  • Load Capacity of 2kn per m2
  • Various platform heights up to 3 metres
  • Three main components
  • Various panel sizes enable us to fill the most challenging shaped areas
  • Improves site safety and productivity
  • Compliance: Testing independently carried out by Loughborough University
  • Roof non fragility test in accordance with ACR (M) 001:2000
  • BS EN 12811-1 Part 3 for structural integrity and safety factor for use as a General Purpose Working and Safety Platform
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Complies with working at height regulations
P.E.T Safety Decking is a fall prevention system that meets – and exceeds – Working at Height Regulations. With a load capacity of 2kn per m2, our system meets the BS EN 12811-1 Part 3 for structural integrity and safety factor, for use as a General Purpose Working and Safety Platform. It also satisfies the Roof Non-Fragility test in accordance with ACR (M) 001:2000.
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P.E.T Safety Decking is a versatile system with six different panel sizes and adjustable leg height (up to 3 metres). This allows you to adapt the safety decking to suit different room or project configurations in order to ensure every high work area is fitted with a fully covered surface to create a safe working environment.
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P.E.T Safety Decking has a practical, non-slip surface to help workers keep their footing with confidence while moving around at height. The durable design also withstands the elements whatever the weather. No maintenance is needed, so there are no upkeep costs. High-visibility colour underlines the importance of awareness and safety. Our safety decking is ideal for all trades, not just house builds.
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P.E.T Safety Decking creates a safe working environment by providing a superior fall-prevention system within the industry. Our first-rate work platform enables teams to work at height with complete confidence, which in turn increases productivity as workers get the job done faster and more efficiently without fear of accidents.


The following tests were carried out on May 31st 2005 on the new design of the lightweight working access and safety platform (see also report August 24th 2004 for tests already passed). All tests carried on May 31st 2005 were passed for the new header\foot\Retainer.


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